Mitsubishi Aircraft is committed to redefining the business of regional travel. Led by legendary Japanese quality and a world class team, our company is built to serve the global market. With a head office in Nagoya, Japan, and a flight test center in the United States, Mitsubishi Aircraft is driven to deliver ultimate comfort for passengers, unmatched aircraft performance, and more profit potential for airlines.

Expertise, tenacity, and perseverance are just a few of the characteristics of our employees. These are complemented by the drive and desire to address complex problems and continue toward the goal, despite obstacles that may arise. At Mitsubishi Aircraft, our employees persevere, correct course, and move forward where many others would falter. 

We continue to build our strength by acknowledging the hurdles we have overcome. We are guided by the natural evolution of our company and strive to be one company, one workforce, and one team. We are steadfast and resolute - our success is fortified by the dedication to compete, persist, and reinvent regional travel through the design, development, and production of our Mitsubishi SpaceJet. 

Meet the Leadership Team

Hisakazu Mizutani

Hisakazu Mizutani

Hisakazu Mizutani is the Chairman of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, where he oversees all of the company’s business activities and overall performance. Mizutani was appointed chairman on April 1, 2020, after serving three years as president of the company. Under his direction and guidance, he transformed Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation into a global organization, and established the company’s vision for commercial aviation success in Japan.

Mizutani came to Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), where he was chiefly engaged in aerospace business and corporate governance. During his distinguished career, he has held executive level and board positions in a variety of MHI Group divisions including MHI Global Headquarters, Aerospace Headquarters, as well as Nagoya Guidance & Propulsion Systems Works. Based on his experience, he appreciates the commonality between integrated defense and space and the commercial aircraft business, especially the combination of state-of-the-art technology and exacting standards of safety.



Takaoki Niwa is the President of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, based in Nagoya, Japan. He comes to Mitsubishi Aircraft from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), where he most recently served as President of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America (MHIA) in Houston, Texas. Niwa began his career at MHI in 1980 as a manufacturing engineer for Boeing jet structures. From there, he became an expert in manufacturing and industrial engineering, with specializations in commercial and military aerospace and later in large-scale manufacturing process improvement.

Niwa’s career highlights include his role as Program Manager in charge of developing the Boeing 787 composite wing box, the world’s first carbon fiber composite aircraft wing. He was responsible for the composite technology development, facility construction, cost/schedule negotiation, and final delivery of this innovative and transformative technology to Boeing. Niwa was made senior general manager of MHI’s commercial airplane division in 2017, before going on to serve as President of MHIA.

Keisuke Masutani

Keisuke Masutani
Senior Vice President, Corporate Office

On April 1, 2020 Keisuke Masutani assumed the role of Senior Vice President to assist the president in all corporate affairs areas. In addition to his responsibilities as Senior Vice President, Masutani is the Director of Corporate Office. As Director, since March 2018, he has overseen Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s governance, compliance, risk management, secretarial division, general affairs, administration, interpretation/translation, regulatory supervision, standard system management, and shareholder response. He is also responsible for various focal operations with Mitsubishi Aircraft’s parent company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Masutani joined Mitsubishi Aircraft in April 2016 as the Director of the Management Planning Office after he had worked as the Director of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet Business Department, Transit, and Transport Domain at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for one year. Prior to starting his work on the aircraft program, he was the President’s Office Deputy Director at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from 2013 to 2015. He worked for a total of thirty-two years with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries after joining the company in 1988.

Hiroyuki Tatsuoka

Hiroyuki Tatsuoka
Senior Vice President, Customer Support

On April 1, 2020 Hiroyuki Tatsuoka assumed the role of Senior Vice President to assist the president in development and engineering. In addition to his responsibilities as Senior Vice President, Tatsuoka is a Head of Customer Support from July in 2020. Tatsuoka held the role of Head of Program Management Division from April, 2019. He was instrumental in transforming the company into a global, world-class organization and the establishment of the program vision for commercial success for Japan.

Tatsuoka has been involved with the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 development program for the past 12 years and has over 30 years of manufacturing expertise within the MHI Group. Prior to joining the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 development program, he acquired extensive development experience on programs including the Anti-submarine Helicopter/SH-60J, Support Fighter/FS-X, Support Fighter/F-2, and Boeing 777-300, as well as military support experience on programs such as the helicopter overhaul program for the MH-53E and the fighter overhaul program for the F-4.

Yasuhiko Kawaguchi

Yasuhiko Kawaguchi
Vice President, Executive Chief Engineer

On July 1, 2020 Yasuhiko Kawaguchi assumed a role of Vice President in addition to his responsibility as an Executive Chief Engineer as well as the Head of Engineering Division to proceed development of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 program and to obtain type certification together with international and domestic experts.

Kawaguchi joined Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation in 2016 as the Head and General Manager of Engineering Department. In 2018, Kawaguchi transferred to the company’s flight test facility in Moses Lake as the Flight Test Center Deputy Head to oversee the flight test campaign in United States.

Before joining Mitsubishi Aircraft, Kawaguchi was involved with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Commercial Aviation Division and Military Programs since 1985. He held several leadership positions and was involved in the development of the FS-X (next-generation support fighter), the modernization of the F -15, the development of advanced technology demonstration aircraft, and the defense aircraft development program.

Kawaguchi also served as the sub-leader in the development of advanced technology demonstration aircraft to promote system equipment by contributing in the development of stealth aircraft, specifically in the integration of domestically developed demonstration engines and thrust changing paddles of the fuselage.

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Hitoshi “Hank” Iwasa
President, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America & Head of Moses Lake Flight Test Center

Hitoshi “Hank” Iwasa is the President of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America and Head of Moses Lake Flight Test Center. He has been a driving force of success of Mitsubishi Aircraft’s subsidiary in North America, and responsible for leading the companys development and alignment with its strategic goals and vision. He has also been instrumental in the development of the Moses Lake Flight Test Center, a world class facility with experts from the world all focused on the development and certification of the company’s aircraft.

Hank has joined the Mitsubishi SpaceJet program in 2007 and the Mitsubishi group since 1983. He joined Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation in Japan as the Group Leader for the Sales Department Sales Planning Group in 2008 when the company was established. He held various leadership positions in Corporate Planning & Business Strategy and Sales & Marketing over nine years in Japan. In April 2016, Hank transferred to the company’s flight test facility in the United States as the Flight Test Center Deputy Head before being promoted to Head in 2017 and assuming the office of President in January 2019.

Before joining Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, Hank spend more than twenty years with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engaged in building corporate strategic plans and product portfolio management.