Mitsubishi Aircraft’s Steve Haro on the Importance of Regional Travel

Posted by Mitsubishi Aircraft on Nov 15, 2019 3:27:39 AM

In conversation with The Washington Post, Mitsubishi Aircraft’s Vice President of Global Marketing Steve Haro discussed the importance of regional travel—especially in North America—and why the company is so focused on transforming this vital category.

The idea behind the Mitsubishi SpaceJet family of aircraft is to refocus the entire industry on how to better serve people. It starts with a macro level understanding that the economic health and growth for the vast majority of communities in the world is tied to connectivity with other cities. As an example, over 60% of airports in the United States and over 70% in Canada are serviced solely by regional aircraft. But today’s fleet is made up primarily of older generation designs that offer marginal efficiency improvements and an uncomfortable passenger experience. As a result, regional flights today are more of a necessary evil then a comfortable round-trip.


Introducing an aircraft like the Mitsubishi SpaceJet will serve this market well, bringing about improved aircraft performance and a new understanding of regional passenger experience through a clean-sheet design. By building an all-new aircraft rather than relying on incremental updates to a legacy product, these changes will radically transform the category for operators and passengers alike.

The Japanese values of honoring and respecting people are the basis for the design philosophy which wants to create a more peaceful and harmonious journey in an aviation system that is better known for dehumanizing the travel experience.

Regional travel has been left behind by aircraft manufacturers who have shifted their gaze to larger aircraft. But with a growing need for routes that serve smaller cities and a new generation of passengers with higher expectations, Mitsubishi Aircraft’s SpaceJet family of aircraft will bring much-needed innovation to the market.

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