Industry Reactions to MHI’s Acquisition of CRJ

Posted by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation News Team on Jun 27, 2019 5:27:42 AM

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s efforts to reshape the regional aviation market took a significant step forward yesterday, as parent company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries announced that it will acquire the Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) program from Bombardier. The deal strengthens the company’s global capabilities, complementing its existing assets with the CRJ program’s deep well of talent and resources – particularly in customer support and engineering. This provides an important boost to ensuring the commercial success of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet family.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ acquisition of the CRJ program from Bombardier made waves with key global aerospace industry media. Read on for a sample of reaction to the deal.

reuters 1Reuters’ Tim Hepher spoke with Mitsubishi Chief Development Officer Alex Bellamy at this year’s Paris Air Show, during which the two discussed the importance of establishing a support mechanism to ensure commercial success of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet.

Japan’s Mitsubishi, which agreed on Tuesday to buy Bombardier’s loss-making regional jet program, plans to exploit the Canadian company’s support network and global customer list to rejuvenate its delayed efforts to conquer the jet market.

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nikkei-logoNikkei Asian Review’s Mitsuru Obe underscored the significance of yesterday’s announcement in furthering Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s ambitions in aerospace more broadly.

The maintenance and engineering capabilities of the Bombardier's CRJ regional jet program will further enhance critical customer support functions, a strategic business area for Mitsubishi in the pursuit of future growth.

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wsj-logoPaul Vieira of The Wall Street Journal notes that as Bombardier winds down its footprint in commercial aviation, yesterday’s acquisition marks the next step in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ expansion in global aerospace.

The deal underscores Mitsubishi’s interest in the sales and support network linked to Bombardier’s regional-jet program as the Japanese plane maker tries to clear a path to market for its SpaceJet.

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forbes-logoForbes’ Jeremy Bogaisky analyzed the impact of yesterday’s deal on the regional aviation landscape.

The prize of the deal for Mitsubishi Heavy is Bombardier's network of CRJ service centers, one of the final pieces of the puzzle for the company in its ambitious attempt to rise from a parts supplier to a full-fledged commercial aircraft maker with its MRJ regional jet line, which it rebranded as the SpaceJet earlier this month. 

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current-logoLa Presse’s Jean-François Codère connected with Mitsubishi Aircraft Chief Development Officer Alex Bellamy at this year’s Paris Air Show, where they discussed the SpaceJet program and the importance of establishing a support network for eventual commercial service

Selon de nombreux analystes, le conglomérat japonais s'intéressait surtout au réseau de service après-vente du CRJ, qui sera mis à contribution pour son propre avion, et à l'expertise de ses ingénieurs, qui sera mise à profit dans le développement et la certification des appareils. En entrevue à La Presse la semaine dernière, à Paris, un dirigeant de Mitsubishi Aircraft s'était montré très intéressé à conserver des équipes de développement à Mirabel.

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current-logoEarlier this month, The Air Current’s Jon Ostrower detailed the potential benefits of yesterday’s confirmed transaction.

For MHI’s Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, the acquisition of the CRJ is part of an expanding strategic reinvention, repositioning its MRJ toward North America where regional jet operations are core to the hub and spoke networks used by the biggest U.S. airlines.

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