Leeham News: Mitsubishi Positioned to Become Major Regional Player

Posted by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation News Team on Jun 7, 2019 10:45:38 PM

As former mainstays in the regional market exit the segment, leaving operators with limited choices between legacy aircraft, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is preparing to enter service at the perfect time, reports aviation publication Leeham News and Analysis.

On the cusp of certification, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is prepared to announce the offering of a scope-compliant “concept” aircraft at next month’s Paris Air Show. As the only new scope-compliant aircraft in the key North American market, this new concept positions the company to become a major presence in the regional travel space.

The ongoing market forces and surge of regional jet retirements expected to occur throughout the next decade open the door for a paradigm-shifting Mitsubishi Aircraft product. Updated technology will replace the aging, uncomfortable aircraft in flight today, and a scope-compliant design for the United States market provides the choice that passengers and operators so desperately need.

Amid this evolving regional market, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation looks poised to become a major player.

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