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Posted by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation News Team on Dec 24, 2019 1:10:12 AM

With more than 450 employees on-site, the collective global expertise housed at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation’s Moses Lake Flight Test Center (MFC) is an invaluable driver of the SpaceJet program’s continued progression toward certification and entry into commercial service.

In recent weeks, the Mitsubishi Aircraft team has welcomed a range of international correspondents to its Moses Lake facility for a firsthand look at the work that will enable us to certify and deliver the first ever commercial Japanese jetliner.

See below for stories and reactions from the industry following this year’s visits.


In a feature story for Monocle, Gabriel Leigh spoke with engineers, team leaders and flight test crew for a comprehensive look at a day in the life at MFC. The excitement within the team is growing as the program approaches certification and prepares to enter the regional market at an opportune time:

“These days, positive thinking is a bit easier to come by. In what can be chalked up to a mixture of prescience and luck, Mitsubishi finds itself nearing the end of its flight-test programme at just the right time….Mitsubishi predicts that 5,000 new regional jets will be needed globally over the next 20 years…”

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Andrew McIntosh of the Puget Sound Business Journal profiled Hitoshi “Hank” Iwasa and his role leading an MFC team grounded in a set of core values rooted in Japanese engineering prowess:

We are working in the States, but this is a Japanese national company. To make sure everybody’s on the same page, we adopted a core set of values focused on our vision, the mission and workplace behaviors. Key aspects of it are “Kampeki,” striving for perfection. The other is “Shokunin-hada,” or master craftsmanship.”

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Nippon was also in attendance for a runway test that took place under low cloud cover at MFC on December 10:

“Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. On Tuesday showed media a runway test in the U.S. state of Washington for its SpaceJet, the first passenger jet built in Japan…One of the jets moved down the runway at speeds of 70 to 100 kilometers per hour to test its performance.”

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Fly Team covered the continued momentum in flight test hours that the MFC team has accumulated on the road toward certification of the M90 program:


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Lastly, NHK News reiterated the SpaceJet M90 program’s continued momentum toward commercial service, saying it has entered “the final stage:”

“Iwasa said: “We don’t know the schedule for all the upcoming test flights yet, but we will do everything we can to continue development and meet the delivery deadline.”

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