Paris Air Show 2019 Media Roundup

Posted by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation News Team on Jun 25, 2019 3:49:19 AM

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation was one of the biggest draws at this year’s Paris Air Show. See below to hear more about what has the industry excited about the SpaceJet Family and the future of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.


In an article written for Forbes, Gabriel Leigh examined the promising future of the regional aircraft market and the Mitsubishi SpaceJet family’s favorable position within it.

Mitsubishi wants to win orders by showing passengers that regional jets can be comfortable – and even desirable – and if the final product looks like this, they likely will. The Space Jet name will certainly help, just as the "Dreamliner" branding has worked wonders for Boeing on the 787.

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tpg-logoZach Honig of The Points Guy toured the mockup of the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 and explored what passengers can expect from the SpaceJet family upon entry into commercial service.

Mitsubishi rebranded its regional jet just ahead of the 2019 Paris Air Show, and we had a chance to tour the manufacturer’s new “SpaceJet” at the event itself…Mitsubishi’s landed on the name to emphasize the cabin’s spacious feel, with two variants.

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Tim Hepher of Reuters was among the first to report that Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation entered an MOU for 15 Mitsubishi SpaceJet M100 aircraft.

The SpaceJet M100 is a new and rebranded version of the delayed MRJ70, designed to carry 65 to 88 people and to be more competitive in the dominant U.S. market for regional jets.

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nikkei-logoNikkei Asian Review’s Mitsuru Obe and Naoki Watanabe profiled Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' broader ambitions in aerospace and the future of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.

Over the next two decades, [Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation] expects demand for more than 5,000 regional jets in North America alone, mostly replacement demand, and aims to capture "a significant proportion" of it.

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